Soft Play FAQs

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How long can I have the Bouncy Castle for?

When being delivered to your home we will make delivery between the hours of 8am and 11:30am and we then start collections at 5:30pm so you will have at least 6 hours to use the Bouncy Castle. These times are suitable for most functions, however, if you need a Bouncy Castle later then we may need to put you onto a later delivery window. This will be arranged at the time of booking. Over night hires will cost £25.00 and are subject to terms. Please ask!

Sometimes during busy times we may need to deliver the evening before you need it. We may also want to collect the day after delivery. This is not very common but sometimes we may need to do this. We will make contact with you about this.

If your hiring a hall then please contact us to arrange delivery. We have limited delivery slots for village halls so please book early.

How much will delivery cost?

Nothing' delivery and set up is free of charge.

How long will it take you to set up a Bouncy Castle?

If you have just ordered a Bouncy Castle then this can be done within quarter of an hour but allow more time when hiring a hall as all times for delivery are approximate. 

Who sets up the equipment?

Setting up and packing away is included within the price you pay. We do it all for you but we don't stay and supervise.

Is your equipment clean?

Yes' our equipment is clean and very well looked after. We take great pride in offering clean, safe equipment for your children to play with. We clean the equipment with a good quality, natural antibacterial cleaner.

How to I pay you?

Payment is on delivery.

Do I need to pay a deposit & can I cancel my booking?

No' you will not be asked to pay a booking deposit, however, once you place a booking with us you have automatically made a legally binding agreement. An agreement can be verbal or written. After booking you will be gifted a 3 day cooling off period allowing you to cancel with no charge. By employing our services, you are not automatically entitled to a cooling off period under Consumer Contracts for Leisure Supplies.

If not based on our free wet weather cancellation policy and terms then the following applies:

  • Cancellations for any reason are charged at 50% of the total booking costs up to 7 days prior to the event.
  • Cancellations for any reason received within 7 days of the event date are charged at 100% of the total booking costs.

Cancellation due to wet weather can only be done on the day by calling our phone number. This must be done before we arrive. When doing so you are making a request not an order so this maybe rejected if we feel no justification for a free wet weather cancellation is available. You cannot cancel (with no charge) under this policy if you have booked equipment to be used indoors.

Can soft play be used outside?

Yes' you can use the soft play outside, however, you must cover the soft play shapes with it's protection sheet whenever rain is apparent. A rain protection sheet will be provided. This is because soft play shapes have foam inside them and water can damage this foam. Loss of deposit and a fee may apply if you fail to protect the soft play from rain. You do not need to cover plastic toys and bouncy castle's as they do not have foam inside.

Soft play can only be used on grass areas when hired outside.

Can I have the Bouncy Castle on my drive?

No' this is not safe. We only allow Bouncy Castles on a hard floor when it's being used indoors. Outdoor Bouncy Castles must be pegged down into real grass.

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